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We analyze the patient's Health condition and refer to the right Doctor and Hospital For Precise treatment

Precise Treatment is the priority.

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Family Doctor

Ask about any health issues of your Family & take an opinion from a General Physician.

*30 minutes of consultation per month.
For 3 month.

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Operation Theater

Surgery with an experienced surgeon in a particular disease, which you have. 

Precise Treatment saves time and money, ultimately the life.

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Example: If you need Knee Ligament Surgery, we will refer you to an Orthopedic Surgeon who has a high rate of success in the particular type of Knee Ligament Surgery.

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Dental Implant

Every tooth is different, we have Dental Implant specialists with a high rate of success in particular tooth implants.

Most Booked Surgeries....

Doctors at HealthLappy will guide you for Precise Treatment.

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Operation Theater

Knee Ligament Surgery

Knee Replacement

Hair Transplant

Cataract Surgery

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Breast Surgery


Dental Treatment

Piles Treatment

Kidney Stone Surgery

Gallstone Laparoscopy

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@ Zero cost EMI

Precise Treatment is the priority.

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Child Care

Disease specific experience Doctors are with us for your childrens' precise treatment.

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Healthlappy helps to get the right and precise treatment.

We are adopting and collaborating with new advanced technologies to make the healthcare delivery system more smooth and reliable.

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