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IVF Treatment

Male Infertility

IUI Treatment

Female Infertility

We analyze your infertility issues and refer you to our Fertility Care Gynecologist who has a very high success rate in your type of infertility.
HealthLappy has the best Fertility Specialists and Clinics.

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IVF Treatment

IVF is a method of assisted reproduction in which a man's sperm and a woman's eggs are combined outside of the body in a laboratory dish. One or more fertilized eggs (embryos) may be transferred into the woman's uterus, where they may implant in the uterine lining and develop.

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Male Infertility Treatment

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IUI Treatment

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) — a type of artificial insemination — is a procedure for treating infertility. Sperm that have been washed and concentrated are placed directly in your uterus around the time your ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized.

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Female Infertility

A common condition, female infertility is an inability to get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy. This is typically diagnosed after a woman has tried to get pregnant (through unprotected sex) for 12 months without a pregnancy.

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